Can you fight copyright trolls with a Civil RICO extortion counterclaim?

Tweet Tweet   RICO lawsuits against Copyright Trolls The copyright trolls are running loose.  Trying to sue everyone for everything.  Claimed copyrights for this, that and the other and threatening to shut down your business or sue you in a […]

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Internet defamation take-down letters now just $99

Tweet Tweet Attorney Steve’s Internet Defamation Take Down Letters ($99) Jump to our Vondran Legal Hour podcast discussing online defamation. Has your business been the victim of internet defamation?  For example, is someone making false statements of fact about you […]

Are your kids learning the social media marketing job skills of the future?

Tweet Tweet Kids’ spend too much time on technology – who cares? Here is an ad I just posted for my law firm for a SOCIAL MEDIA GURU. While many of the social media critics and culture nannies are getting […]

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Bet you didn’t know using someone else’s photo on your business website could cost you plenty?

Tweet Tweet   Copyright infringement can happen to any business! Here’s the situation……you are launching a new business website and you think to yourself “I sure could use a nice photo or two to spruce up my website.”  So being […]

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Crowdfunding lawyer says get ready for the next boom!

Tweet Tweet Attorney Steve says get ready for the Crowdfunding Boom! Are we all having fun with the new economy yet?  Lots of businesses are struggling.  A lot of people I talk (especially recent college graduates) are absolutely hating their […]

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A legal overview of Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) Audits

Tweet Tweet   Jump to our “Vondran Legal Hour” Business Podcast to hear BSA Audit overview. The Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) The Business Software Alliance (“BSA”) is a industry trade group consisting a several heavyweight software and technology companies such […]

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Attorney Steve offers domains for sale to lawyers and law firms

Tweet Tweet   Amazing legal domain names from your law firm legal practice! If you are a United States lawyer and looking for KILLER domain names, where do you go find them?  Maybe you have searched on Godaddy looking for […]

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Arizona Trademark Lawyer can come in handy

Tweet Tweet Arizona Trademark Lawyer Top 5 Tips Some people might ask why would I need a Arizona Trademark Lawyer? With the internet EXPLODING with domain names (see the new gtld domain name expansion by ICANN) there are many reasons […]

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Attorney Steve’s top 5 tips to get your youtube video found on search

Tweet Tweet Here is a recent podcast I shot on my “Master your Domain” eBusiness law podcast show.  It talks about the important of having a video channel for your business, and some tips I have used to build my […]

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What kids and employees need to know about Arizona’s digital Cyberstalking and harassing laws.

Tweet Tweet Click the link to review the FAQ fact sheet -  Arizona Cyberstalking law